Sugg's Timber Machining & Joinery


                                      SUGG & CO PTY LTD

Limited Warranty on Joinery

  • Joinery manufactured by Sugg & Co is warranted to be of sound material and workmanship and to be free from defects for a period of three months from date of receipt.
  • Minor swelling and shrinking of wood parts is not a defect within the meaning of this limited waranty, but is a normal characteristic of wood that may occur with variations in climatic and atmospheric conditions such as humidity and temperature.
  • Movement in the joinery itself will be considered a defect only if it exceeds 6mm when measured as a deviation from a straight edge on the suspected concave surface of the joinery in its installed position.

Handling, Installation and Finishing Instruction

  • SUGG & CO joinery is crafted like a high grade piece of furniture, and if the following handling, installation and finishing instructions are followed, you will be greatly satisfied for years to come.
  • If joinery is stored in a warehouse or similar storage facility, it is vital that it is handled carefully and stored flat and level in a clean dry building.
  • Precautions should be taken to ensure that joinery is not subjected to extremes of heat, dryness, humidity or sudden changes prior to finishing and/or installation.
  • If the Joinery is being delivered to a building site all plaster, texture or cement must be completely dry as excessive moisture penetration may result in breakage of joints, and it is essential that all six surfaces (both faces and all four edges) are sealed with adequate base sealer immediately after the joinery is taken out of its wrapping.

Pre-Hung Joinery Care and Finishing Instructions

  • Upon delivery of your joinery and before fitting and cutting, inspect your joinery for damage insurred during transit.  Do not install joinery with any noticeable damage or defect.  If the joiner is to be reduced in size, an equal amount of timber should be cut from both sides and/or the top/bottom of the joinery with optimum allowance for sealing coats.
  • After fitting and machining, sand all surfaces with a fine grain sandpaper, and clean all wood surfaces with mineral spirits.
  • Before installing, allow time for the joinery to adapt to the general humidity of your area.
  • To stain and clean finish your joinery, use a solvent based stain and sealer for the first coat to stain the joinery and seal the surface.  Sand all surfaces between all coats of stain and sealer.  A minimum of two or three topcoats is recommended, (clear topcoats may be solvent or water based exterior finish). Do not use a lacquer based stain for topcoat.
  • To paint finish your joinery, use a solvent based primer coat and a compatible solvent or water based finish coat.  Sand all surfaces between all coats of primer and finish.  A minimum of two or three top coats is recommended, (refer to paint manufacturer's instructions).


  • SUGG & CO will not be held responsible for any incidental work or expenses as a result of bad handling, incorrect fitting/finishing.
  • In the event of any goods proving defective (manufacturer's defect only), which need replacement, the seller's liability shall under no circumstances exceed the price of the defective pieces(s).
  • No claim will be entertained if the joinery has been worked upon in any manner whatsoever.
  • None of the above conditions shall be interpreted so as to affect the statutory rights of a consumer.